9/11 Thoughts

Posted: 09/10/2007 by that's Elbert in democrats, GOP, History, opinions, personal, Politics, President, radio, Rants/Opinions, Republican, USA, war

Where were you? For the older generations, that brings up thoughts of Pearl Harbor or the Kennedy assassination. For me, prior to 9/11, it was only that I heard Elvis died while standing in front of Camelot Music in the old Salisbury Mall. Yeah, that’s right up there with the big ones! Our generation got ours in 2001.

I’m almost ashamed to talk about what was running through my mind that morning. At the time, we were homeschooling all of our kids. We would get started in the morning with the radio tuned to The Light FM (anyone remember WXPZ in Milford?). Around the 9:00 hour, they’d have a segment of prayer. As I was turning off the radio, I heard the morning announcer Andy Lynch say something about an airplane hitting one of the towers. It caught my attention, but we had to get down to school business that morning because we were behind schedule, as well as the kids had a dentist appointment that morning. I thought it was probably a small plane that had hit it, and it wasn’t a big deal to me.

We left the house around 10:30 for the dentist. The radio in the van wasn’t working right, so there was no music or anything except the hum of the motor and the chatter of the kids. After we had been at the dentist’s office for a little while, we learned from the staff of the morning’s events. We hurried home and turned on the TV where Fox News was showing us the pictures of New York City and all that had happened that day.

I can’t remember all of what was running through my head at that time except that I was concerned that more would happen. Were we safe? I think we prayed that afternoon, then I turned the TV to something else because we didn’t want to overcharge our children on the horror that happened that day about a 5 hour drive from our home.

Later that evening when President Bush spoke to the nation, he gave words of comfort and strength. I was very glad that he was our President, as I feel confident that the other candidate could not have given the same speech nor directed us towards a defensive posture. For all the bad things we may have in George W. Bush, considering the two men that have wanted his job, we could have done a whole lot worse, or even worse than that.

Unlike some today, I won’t forget the reason we fight the war we are in. I will not forget 9/11 and the evil men that attacked our nation and our people.


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