Speed Limit Postings On Georgetown Road

Posted: 09/04/2007 by that's Elbert in Delaware, Delmarva, Laurel, Laurel Delaware, laws, police

In a post a few days ago I gave my thoughts on the speeding problem in the First State. I also noted the good things that the Laurel PD were doing on Georgetown Road. There is a problem on Georgetown road which should be addressed. There is some inconsistency in the speed limit signage. Driving into town from Route 13 a sign is posted marking the speed limit at 35. Closer to North Laurel Elementary School, there is a sign marked speed limit 20 when children are present. Once you cross over Wilson Street, there is a sign marking the speed limit at 25, then the road brings you to the stop light at 5 Points. Simply put on non-school days, you can drive from the highway to Wilson at 35 mph before you should drop your speed down to 25.

Now driving from 5 points, there is a sign between Wilson and Sussex Ave. stating the speed limit is 25 mph. There was a small speed limit 25 mph sign in front of the school, but since the ditches were dug out, the sign was removed and never replaced. The next speed limit sign is posted past the school, which is posted at 35 mph. This is where the Laurel PD were shooting radar, obviously making sure that no one was driving over 25. Simply put, you can drive up to 25 from 5 poins to just past the school where you can increase to 35.

The inconsistency is half way between the Block and the school up to Wilson Street. If you are traveling one direction, you can drive up to 25, but if you are driving the other direction, you can drive up to 35. Shouldn’t it be the same speed for both sides of the road?


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