The Old Salisbury Mall Is Coming Down

Posted: 08/14/2007 by that's Elbert in Delmarva, Elvis, History, Maryland, News & Politics

The old Salisbury Mall in Salisbury, MD has been marked for demolition for a while. It now seems it is finally going to happen. I had often wondered what the old place looked like inside, considering it had been vacant for years and then condemned. Salisbury News got a peek inside while they are taking the place apart. It is a broken walk down memory lane. His posts are here and here.

Here are some things I remember about the mall. My friends will all laugh at this one. I was in the mall with my great aunt when she looked down at me and said, “That was terrible. They just said that Elvis Presley died over the radio.” I think we were standing in front of Camelot Music at the time.

I was in there during a live remote with WWTR back in the 70’s when the Conner family used to own it. I think Wayne Cannon worked there at the time as well, but I don’t think he was at the remote. I walked out of there with a promotional LP, but I can’t remember the artist.

I rented my tux for the banquet at Epworth Christian School (they didn’t have proms at the time) from a store in there, but for the life of me I can’t remember the name of that place. I also got the tux I wore at my wedding there. I think Melody’s wedding dress came from the same store.

Jack’s Religious Gift Shop had a place in there next to Sears for a while. It was a small shop. I knew several of the people that worked there. Many times I hung out in there to annoy them and listen to the promotional cassettes they had by CCM artists.

Tony’s Pizza was also near Sears. I’d get pizza in there sometimes. That stuff was so greasy you’d have to dab it with a napkin to get it off. Although some people would say I removed some of the flavor that way. Oh well.

Mom would take us to the mall and would usually let me hang out at Camelot Music. They did get some of my cash for LPs or 45s. I bought my first CD in there. Yeah, that’s a corny memory. It’s one of those useless things that bounce around in my head. On Salisbury News’ site, one guy made a comment that they remember their first kiss was in there, and I remember my first CD. That’s just messed up, isn’t it?

Sears was a frequent stop for my parents, and before we were old enough to let us loose in the mall, my brothers and I had to stay with them in that place that was SOOO boring to a 7-8 year-old. They would let us loose in the store to look at toys or electronics.

OK, that’s enough rambling. Thanks for taking the time to read.


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