Satan’s Rock Rears It’s Ugly Head In Iran

Posted: 08/08/2007 by that's Elbert in Christianity, Music, News & Politics

The AP is reporting that 230 youth were arrested by Iranian authorites due to their participation in a underground rock concert. They are accused of breaking Islamic law by attending the “satanic” event. The arrests took place on Wednesday, August 1. According to the prosecutor in Karaj, where the arrests took place, most of the arrested were wealthy and “were not aware of the satanic nature of the concert.” These type of arrests remind me of communism’s early distaste for rock music. The Soviets eventually opened up to the music, which was one of the contributers to Communism’s fall in that part of the world. It’s doubtful that the Islamists will ever open up to the music, as it is seen as satanic and yet another influence from the Christian West. Yes, to them it’s a religious thing. Their “satanic” label on rock music also sounds like some Christians in a way-to-creepy way.

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  1. swampcritter2 says:

    In the parts of Pakistan where Sharia law holds sway, you can be stopped while driving and radio, cassette deck or CD player will then be ripped from your vehicle and destroyed as being a tool of Satan. Don’t know what would would happen should you decide to resist. Religion of Peace….!