Remembering Deceased Discount Stores

Posted: 08/07/2007 by that's Elbert in culture, Just For Fun, Music, USA

Howard at Delmar Dustpan had an article recently about Woolworth closing stores back in 1997 which got me off on a mental rabbit trail meandering down memory lane. I don’t remember Woolworth’s very well. I think there was one in Seaford at one time. The discount stores I remember best were Ames, Roses, Dollar General, Nicols, and Zayre.

I do vaguely recall a store called Silco, which had a location in Millsboro until the early-mid 1970s. The one memory still stuck in my head about that store was when they were closing up for good. I assumed that they went out of business but now I’m not sure. A search on the internet found one store by that name in Chincoteague, VA.

I remember frequent trips to Ames in Millsboro. If I went there with my mom, I’d always brake for the music area. There I would flip through the selection of LPs, 8-tracks, cassettes, and 45s. If I had any money, it went for a 45. They would be shrink-wrapped to a taller piece of cardboard (to discourage shoplifting I assume) with the name of the artist and song stamped at the top. At the time they were the right price for me, around a dollar. I amassed quite a collection of those 7″ singles.

Roses seemed to me to be a nicer discounter, although over the years the quality of the store has disappeared.

I remember frequenting the Dollar General Store in Selbyville. I don’t recall when they moved into town. They were located on Church Street, right down from Hastings Pharmacy. If we needed cheap clothes, school supplies, or cleaning supplies, that’s where we were.

I don’t remember much about Nichols. I know it was down in Fruitland, MD, and my parents liked going down there. That’s about it.

My wife and I used to shop at Zayre when we lived in Florida. She even worked for them for about 6-9 months. Zayre was bought by Ames. Ames did away with the Zayre name, which seemed to kill the stores in our area of Florida. We knew Ames, but no one else knew them. They closed the three stores they had in town.

Roses and Dollar General are still around. In fact, Roses has opened a new store in Salisbury, MD. The others are long gone.

While doing some searching on Google, I found a few links that were cool. Ames has a fan club. There is also a site dedicated to discount stores of the 60s.


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