Snappin’ Electric Poles In The ‘Hood

Posted: 08/03/2007 by that's Elbert in Delaware, Laurel

Some excitement occured tonight at Brooklyn Avenue and Walnut Street. It was reported that a truck hit the electric pole at the intersection then drove off. Here is the result:

Brooklyn Electric Pole 1

At least the pole didn’t land on anyone. One of the firemen reported that the neighborhood still had power at that time. My guess is that would not last for long.

Brooklyn Electric Pole 2

Later on, those that repair this kind of stuff came and fixed the mess. The electric is flickering a little here at home, but I don’t know about the power at the houses closer to the pole. Hopefully the wreckless driver didn’t wreck anyone else’s evening. I’m sure no one wanted to deal with this tonight.

If anyone sees a truck with a big round dent in the front, get the tag number and call the Laurel Police Department. Thanks.

Update: A friend that lives near the accident site witnessed the event and called 911 along with several other people. It was a large truck. It was suspected that he may not have known that it even happened. The truck probably shouldn’t have even been in the neighborhood as this is a residential area. Brooklyn Avenue didn’t have power from 7pm to 4am. The rest of the neighborhood lost power from roughly 10pm to 3:15am, including Delaware Ave. and Wilson Street.

pole 1


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