Here’s Church Growth For Ya – Ask Them To Leave!

At one time I was an ordained minister. I’m still involved in Christian ministry just not in the capacity I once was. I’ve been involved in two different “church plants”, which is a term used to describe opening a new church. I still look around at church leader sites and things of that nature. I guess I’ve still got a spot inside for the ministry.

I stumbled across a site called Church Marketing Sucks. An article that grabbed my attention recently was called Grow Your Church By Asking People to Leave. The idea presented is that if you are attending a church and you aren’t exactly in sync with the vision that drives the church, then you should go find a church where you can join in the vision. I can guarantee that most churches would never dream of doing that. I was made aware of one church in my area (southern Delaware) that did this very thing several years ago, and they are still in existence. Nice.


2 thoughts on “Here’s Church Growth For Ya – Ask Them To Leave!

  1. Actually heard a sermon from a Rock Harbor Church in Costa Mesa, CA that did this exact thing about a year ago. Check them out at I love em actually and they are a thriving church. Wish I could find something locally that did it like they do it.

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