Maybe Elbert Isn’t All That Rare

Posted: 07/18/2007 by that's Elbert in Delaware, Family Stuff, Fun, Just For Fun, Laurel, USA

After an email conversation with another blogger regarding another Elbert from Laurel (not Governor Carvel), I thought I should revisit my claim that there aren’t too many Elberts around. I’ve not known too many, and with all the trouble people have with my name, I assumed that I was a rare duck. Sadly, I really didn’t like the name for a long time, however my terrible attitude about my name changed with age and the passing of my father Elbert Sr. I certainly did not honor my parents by dissing the name they gave me.

Using a really cool web site, How Many of Me, I learned that there are over 33,000 people in the US with the name Elbert. So maybe I should scratch the “common name” comment from my “About” page. Fewer than Elbert, I share Elbert Collins with 45 other Americans.

“Albert” is still a more common name in the USA, logging over 476,000 people and ranking as the 116th most popular name (Elbert is #1006).

***Update: Adding the box from How Many of Me.
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How many have your name?

  1. karen says:

    You have a pretty cool name. I like the unusual.