Delaware State Primaries

For a while, I’ve been of the opinion that the Delaware state primaries need to be moved back from the fall into the late spring/early summer. This up and coming election season may make the case for it once again, as if the last couple of governor’s races haven’t. David Anderson at Dover Citizen writes about the potential primaries for both parties. The primaries for the Republicans have been damaging because it clearly reveals a lack of unity that I guess is assumed at that point in the game. As a registered Republican, I resent the idea that the party “anoints” it’s candidate at the convention, and that’s who we are supposed to vote for in the primary. Well, what is the point of the primary then?? To me, the fall primaries have demonstrated a clear difference between the rank and file guys and those that apparently are supposed to know.

Some examples of problem primaries are from 1992, when Phil Cloutier and Dennis Williams were racing for Lt. Governor. The party endorsed Williams but Cloutier pulled off a win during the primary. In the 2000 Governor’s race, the party’s pick, John Burris, barely won the primary against Bill Lee. In the 2006 Senatorial race to unseat Tom Carper, the party endorsed Jan Ting who nearly lost the primary to Mike Protack. On top of that, the other primary candidate, Christine O’Donnell, decided to run as a write-in candidate in the general election. I voted for O’Donnell because Ting was a guaranteed loser and did not fully represent my views. I would have voted for a Constitution Party candidate had someone been on the ballot and O’Donnell not been present because no one else was worth my vote.

There was some discussion about this topic on WGMD during the Randy Nelson show. I think Jud Bennett and Dave Burris were on there (I came in around the middle of the show). It was said that a delegate from my polling place will be appointed to attend the convention next summer. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to contact this person and give them my views regarding the party anointing process.

Simply put, the primary process needs to continue for the benefit of regular folks like me, but it should be held much earlier than it is now.

(I am not trying to sound “class warfare”-like when it comes to the Republican party. Leave the class warfare mess with the liberals/socialists/Democrats. It’s one of the cards they love to play to retain their power.)

Any thoughts?