Illegal Immigration

Posted: 06/30/2007 by that's Elbert in Politics, Rants/Opinions

After all the talk this week about the immigration reform bill (a.k.a. the amnesty bill), here’s what I think. Simply put, the best thing to do for illegal immigration is to close the southern border by any means possible, then deport any illegal, period. They are law-breakers just for crossing the border the way they did, and we’ve got enough criminals here already.

After all that, then do all we can to improve legal immigration so that all who want to come here can do so. Let all men breathe the air of freedom, legally.

  1. susanshehane says:

    I have a very simple solution. Annex Mexico. That would solve several problems, especially the problem of so many jobs lost to the low wages in Mexico (as elsewhere) and the North American Free Trade Agreement.