I’ll Still Buy CDs Because You Can’t Buy High Quality Downloads

Posted: 06/29/2007 by that's Elbert in culture, Music, Technology

I stumbled across this article: Is the CD Becoming Obsolete? There’s no doubt that digital music downloads will be the means for getting most of our music in the future. I love the convenience and ease of downloading the music I want. One of the problems with digital music right now is that it’s not up to the same sound quality of a CD. Yes, those files you bought from iTunes sound great, but those files are lossy, not lossless files. And if you shop around and don’t mind waiting, the cost of most of the digital music is not too far from it’s higher quality CD counterpart.

If I can’t get it on CD, a file from iTunes, etc., is better than nothing. Most of the money that iTunes has gotten from me has been for single songs or exclusive EPs which you can’t obtain in hard copy.

I’ve got other problems with digital music, but that’s for another post. To summarize my post I’ll quote my son Jeremy, “there’s no school like old school.”


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