An Old Billboard, Memories, and Childhood

Posted: 06/14/2007 by that's Elbert in culture, Delmarva, Family Stuff, Maryland, Rants/Opinions

A while back I saw a story on WBOC about billboards on Route 50 in Worcester County, MD. It brought back to mind a billboard on Route 50 from the 70’s. Located between Willards and Whaleyville, it advertised Sunbeam Bread. It had an image of the girl they use in their promotional material, but the real attraction for this young child was the animated toaster popping up slices of bread in regular intervals. We would sit in the back of the car waiting in anticipation for the bread to pop up while we were watching. I’d love to find a picture of that sign just to see if it looks like my childhood memories.

This was one of those things that stays in your memory just waiting to come out at some point. It just warms the heart, remembering some pleasant things from the past.

I know many people have had rough childhoods. I wonder about some kids in our neighborhood that don’t seem to have that childhood like I experienced. They have broken homes. Their language is loaded with profanity that I never heard until I was in my teens. It would seem that they never got a childhood, jumping into a world that is cruel, not kind to younger men and women. I’m not looking down on them, I’m just broken inside seeing where they are.

Good night, I’m sounding like my parents…

  1. Karen says:

    Oh my gosh! I remember that too! Thanks for jogging the old memory. Nice site by the way.