Old Christ Church, Spiritual History, and Jimmy Langrall

Posted: 05/19/2007 by that's Elbert in Christianity, church, Delaware, Laurel

Someone is probably going to criticize me for taking some of my post ideas from the Laurel Star. Occasionally they have some things on their web site that are of interest to me, so that’s what makes it in here. Currently, they have an article on the Old Christ Church out near Chipman’s Pond. That’s a beautiful building. Several years ago, several of the local Charismatic churches had an interest regarding Delaware’s spiritual history. This was mostly sparked by a desire to see a spiritual revival in the area. As a result of this desire, prayer meetings were held in most every town in the county. Places like Old Christ Church were honored as historic places of the work of the Holy Spirit.

My interest was, and in a small way still is, to see a fresh visit from the Holy Spirit in the area. I’ve also had interest in spiritual history of the area. Not an interest in just the administrative organization of the various churches, but more like what was happening in those churches like “revival”-like activities and the spiritual development of the people. Buildings are monuments to the spiritual activity of these early Christians. Buildings are nice, but the people in them are much more interesting. I doubt there are many journals of this nature, but if they were out there, I’d love to read them.

There was an old preacher in the area that passed away a few years ago named Jimmy Langrall. He put together a book, God’s Little Errand Boy, which was about his life and did tell some of the more “spiritual” side of his history. It was an awkward read, mostly because the book wasn’t broke up into chapters; it was just one long chapter. You had to be sure you either used your bookmark or remembered the page number because you’d be in bad shape otherwise! Despite that, I still enjoyed it. If someone were interested in reading it, you might find it at the Laurel Library. They might still be for sale, but I wouldn’t know where to find it.


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