Anybody Else In Laurel?

I’ve been looking for some other people blogging in the thriving metropolis of Laurel, Delaware, but I haven’t found anyone yet.

I’ve found some folks down in the town too big for one state, that is, Delmar. Those blogs are Delmar Dustpan and A Woman’s Point of View. Howard at Delmar Dustpan is a nice guy and has an enjoyable blog. He has good coverage of Delmar happenings which I’d love to copy for Laurel if I had more time.

Is there somebody out there from Laurel? Can you drop me a note, please?


One thought on “Anybody Else In Laurel?

  1. I’ve been tracking Delaware blogs for some time ( I haven’t run across anyone else in Laurel, though. At least not as far as I can recall. My interest in location is more county-by-county.

    I was very pleased to find you, though and add you to my blogroll. I discovered you from a comment you left on Delmar Dustpan.

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