GMA Dove Awards 2007: Who I’d Like To Win

Posted: 03/20/2007 by that's Elbert in Christianity, Music

The nominations have been announced. Here’s my wish list for the winners in the categories where I have opinions.

Update: My absolute choices are in bold.

Song of The Year
I’ve heard every song except “God’s Still God”. I have no clue who does the song. I’m sick of “Bless The Broken Road” (and really don’t like Selah’s version of it) and “Made To Worship”. That leaves 7 songs, and I really like all of them. I’d be surprised to see “Drifter”, “Nothing Left To Loose”, “Me and Jesus”, or “Imagine Me” win, but I’d be happier with one of them as the winner.

Male Vocalist of The Year
I’d pick Jeremy Camp. He had a great album this year. I’ve loved this guy ever since I heard “Understand” from the first national album.

Female Vocalist of The Year
Hmm, Krystal Meyers. Yeah, she’s a kid and a long shot, but it would be cool.

Group of The Year
If Jars of Clay wins Artist of The Year, then I’d pick David Crowder Band. Otherwise, it’s Jars!

Artist of The Year
Jars of Clay. Good Monsters was a real good album.

New Artist of The Year
I’ve only heard a few songs by each artist with the exception of Pocket Full of Rocks (I’ve heard nothing by them). Probably Ayiesha Woods or Arron Shust.

Producer of The Year
Brown Bannister. He did a great job with MercyMe and Third Day this year. That dude’s been around for a while, and he can still get the job done.

Now the rest that I’ve got opinions about…

Rock Recorded Song of The Year
I like “Breathe Into Me” by RED or “Rebirthing” by Skillet

Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of The Year
“Work” by Jars of Clay

Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of The Year
“Dead Man (Carry Me)” by Jars of Clay (do you sense a trend with the Jars thing??)

Worship Recorded Song of The Year
“Holy Is The Lord” or “My Savior My God”

Rock Album of The Year
Hmm, I haven’t heard the RED album or the Family Force 5 album. I do like songs by the bands though. I’d cast my vote for Smile, It’s The End of The World by Hawk Nelson.

Rock/Contemporary Album of The Year
Good Monsters by Jars of Clay

Pop/Contemporary Album of The Year
Hmm, haven’t heard the Bebo Norman or Mark Schultz albums, but I’d like to see Coming Up To Breathe by MercyMe or Nothing Left To Lose by Mat Kearney.

Instrumental Album of The Year
Phil Keaggy is not nominated for this award so I don’t care.

Special Event Album of The Year
I’ve only heard 2 albums here: Freaked! and Passion: Everything Glorious. They were not real strong albums, and I expected the Passion album to be great considering the last one was so good. No choice for this one.

Christmas Album of The Year
Only heard one of these, and I would like to see it win: Christmas Offerings by Third Day. It was great!!

Short Form Music Video of The Year
I’ve seen all of these and love them all. This is tough. I suppose one of these three (in order of preference): “Work” by Jars of Clay, “Breathe Into Me” by RED, and “Writing On The Walls” by Underoath.

OK, that’s about it.

  1. Elbert says:

    RE: Rock Album of The Year. I finally heard the Family Force 5 album, and it didn’t change my mind. Hawk Nelson is still my pick.