dc talk – Jesus Freak 10th Anniversary CD

Posted: 03/18/2007 by that's Elbert in Christianity, Music

Walking down memory lane, that’s what this is. At the time I don’t think that anyone thought that this album would have such an impact on Christian music. Now looking back, it’s clear that Christian music, or at least the rock music side, was changed forever. This just sounded so different at the time, and listening to it again, the album holds up to the test of time.

Still remember my mouth dropping open when they announced the song “Jesus Freak” was GMA Song of The Year. For those of you who don’t know, let me share. Back in the 90s, the Gospel Music Association would have a list of about 10 songs nominated for their Song of The Year. Typically there would be at least one rock-oriented song in the list, what I would call their “token rock song”. It was never a winner, but it was there. The mellower stuff always won, not bad songs, just mellow. For a in-your-face song such as this to take the big prize just amazed me.

The bonus disk included with this re-issue features a number of remixes, some live stuff, a demo, and a instumental rendering. Sadly missing was the “organic” version of “Colored People”. There wasn’t anything new that would set the world on fire, but the “So Help Me God” remix really has me hooked.

OK, that’s my thoughts on this one.


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