The Silent Days, Ann Coulter, Bill Maher, and George W. Bush

Posted: 03/15/2007 by that's Elbert in Family Stuff, Politics, Rants/Opinions

You noticed that it has been quiet here. It’s been quiet because either I’ve been sick or the kids have been sick or Melody has been sick. Ugh. We’re miserable. If you could spare a prayer, that would really be nice.

And it’s not like stuff hasn’t been rolling through my head either. I’ve been annoyed by the conservatives outrage over Ann Coulter’s comments. It would have been nice if the same anger were dumped on Bill Maher, but I guess because the left behaves like that anyway, we’ve gotten used to it. Yeah, I don’t like stooping to the level of the communists/socialist/liberals/democrats by using the same language they throw around, but it would be nice if instead of turning on one of our own for calling someone a name that we instead funnel our energy on someone who wishes death on someone, and not just someone but our Vice President. That is much worse. And remember all the wrath we would have endured if some conservative wished algore had died. I’d hope we wouldn’t lower ourselves to the left’s level and say something like that, but I guess it’s no surprise they act the way they do. Shame on them, but shame towards my conservative brethren too.

Will George W. Bush ever stand up and defend his staff? And why is it OK for Clinton to unload 93, that’s 93 lawyers, but Bush unloads 8 and it’s some crime. Thing is, Clinton’s actions were political. That’s the way they operate. Bush needs some inner fortitude and defend this now (yes, inner fortitude is the way it should be said).

OK, that’s enough for now.

  1. Kay says:

    How is this different from “hate speech?”

    Libs have two standards for everything–theirs, and what everybody else is supposed to do.