Downed Power Lines on US Route 13

Posted: 02/24/2007 by that's Elbert in Delaware, Laurel, News & Politics

My wife and I left the house this morning, taking our youngest son to the library. Driving up Delaware Ave near RJ’s, we both noticed something you just don’t see – traffic backed up on Front Street in front of Laureltowne. “That’s odd,” I thought, considering there’s very little traffic down there. Drove past that and up Chinese Hill (that’s what some of the kids call the incline on Delaware Ave. intersecting at Market Street, because at the top there’s a Chinese restaurant). We noticed a lot of traffic on Market, odd considering the traffic on Front. Dropped our son at the library, then, with him returning to the car, we took him back home, past these odd amounts of traffic. Now leaving home, driving out to 13, I saw one of the Givens boys directing traffic by North Laurel Elementary. We could drive through and out to 13. All this so far was still wierd, even after we got out to the highway. Finally, I thought to turn on WGMD, which ran the story explaining what was still a mystery to us.

Apparently around 2:30 AM, an Allen Foods feed truck’s supply chute came undone, extended, then clipped some power lines at 13 & 24. The driver wasn’t aware. He drove on, clipping some more lines at 13 & Sycamore, knocking a traffic signal loose and into the hood of a Nissan Maxima. That’ll wake you up! The truck driver, finally figuring out something wasn’t right, stopped and discovered the damage. It knocked out power to several businesses and had traffic running through town until about 2PM. Traffic was a mess. Cars and other vehicles were backed up from Central Ave. to the highway on Discountland Road. We got back home through the snarl in town. I left home one more time during the mess, darting over to Shore Stop for some soda.

Nothing like a little excitement!

WBOC’s report is here. The News Journal reports it here.

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