Random Thoughts: Britney Spears, Mike Castle, Jesus, and Global Warming

Posted: 02/20/2007 by that's Elbert in Christianity, Delaware, News & Politics, Politics, Rants/Opinions

I’ve not been feeling well lately, so there’s not been much writing. Not only that, but putting in some extra time at work and beginning some test prep for the MCSE is filling life quickly. So without a lot of thought, here’s some stuff breezing through my head.

  1. Why aren’t any of the blogs in Delaware raking Mike Castle over the coals for voting for that resolution against the troop surge? Or has everyone come acustom to his Democrat Party leanings that we don’t care anymore? Why doesn’t he just switch to the Dems seeing how much he likes to vote with them anyway? When will a conservative finally run for this guy’s seat, or are we going to wait for a real Democrat to take it?
  2. I don’t care about Britney Spears anymore. She is a fruitcake. I don’t care about Anna Nicole Smith. She was a fruitcake. I didn’t even know Smith’s claim to fame beyond marrying that old guy because I’m not one of those that “read” pornography. Please find some real news to broadcast.
  3. I go to church near the church that houses that big red bus in Delmar (Delmar Dustpan has a picture). Stumbling through the channels Sunday morning, I happened to find the dude that’s painted on the side of the bus. He’s on Fox21 at 7am. That guy dresses like Louis Farrakhan. Shame. Should have painted Jesus on the side of the bus and called it the Jesus Bus. That’s who we should be promoting anyway.
  4. I guess the latest cycle in the earth’s climate, known to most as global warming, kept the snow away last week. I was sad, not because I want a day off from work, but just because I love to look at it. Someone should bottle up that “global warming” we had last week and open that bottle sometime this summer, maybe on 7/7/07 when the liberal lovefest concerts are happening around the world.

I guess that’s it.


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