Valentine, Married Couples, and Silly Poetry

Posted: 02/14/2007 by that's Elbert in Family Stuff, Just For Fun

The church we attend does this young married couples dinner event one Saturday a month. This past Saturday was the day for this month. It’s usually a well-attended event. The name of the group is taken somewhat liberally, considering that some of the couples are in age from the late 30s to early 40s and married anywhere from one year all the way to 20 years. Most of the rest fall in the young age for marriage category, late 20s to early 30s. My wife and I are firmly part of the “liberal” definition, as well as being an anomaly in most married circles, both of us being under age 40, married 20 years, and parents of children aged 15-19. Anyway, we enjoy getting together with this group.

One of the activities we did this month was a creative work. Each person was given 5 of those Valentine candy hearts with the messages stamped on them, a pen, and a 3×5 index card. We were to create a poem for our spouses using at least 2 of the messages from the hearts. Melody and I both did a haiku, thinking this would be the easiest of the suggestions. My wife’s poem was cute. I came up with 2 poems, one silly and one semi-silly.

the first (heart messages are in quotes)…

“Sure love” “and” “fax me”
They don’t work well together
They are on my hearts

the second…

You are a “nice girl”
You can talk to me but don’t
“fax me”, email me

Yes, I’d go broke if I was trying to make a living writing poetry.


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