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Posted: 02/07/2007 by that's Elbert in Christianity, Delaware, Politics, Rants/Opinions

I just scanned over this entry from Delmarva Dealings then the article from the The American Conservative to which the entry referred. Yeah, I’d agree that we didn’t get all we wanted from the Republican Revolution. I have always voted for a candidate based on the person’s views/stands on the issues I deem important, not the party affiliation. I have voted for someone in almost every party that has had candidates on the Delaware ballot, with the exception of the Natural Law party, the Green Party, and some other granola parties (fruits, nuts, and flakes). That probably doesn’t make me a good Republican but there are things more important than party.

I can guarentee you one thing, I’m not going over to the Democrats anytime soon. I mean, why would I hook up with a party that is openly hostle to my faith? I have and will vote for a Democrat that shares my views, but I wouldn’t become a Democrat. No way.

I have thought for a while that another party needs to step up and challenge the Republican’s lock on the conservative moment. I like the Constitution Party, but they have very few candidates running in Delaware. They might have an attractive Presidential candidate for ’08, which may be where I cast my vote, particularly if a moderate gets the nomination with the Republicans.

In the upcoming Presidential race, we will probably see another 1992 scenario, which will put another liberal in the White House. Of course the idea of voting for some other party other than the Democrats or Republicans seems to be unappealing to my Christian brethren. It’s more likely that they’d not vote at all than to vote for a “third” party, which makes absolutely no sense to me. It really doesn’t. Can someone explain it to me??

  1. cumby says:

    After having voted for Bush in both of the last two elections, I am seriously considering not voting for a presidential candidate at all in 08. Living in Maryland is almost like throwing your vote away because it’s heavily Democrat and all the electoral votes go to them. I may come to my senses by then but not unless there’s a viable candidate.

    I also am keeping an eye on the Constitution Party and any other party that supports at least the majority of my beliefs. It may be a few elections down the road before a third party has the clout to make a difference. Let’s hope by then it’s not too late.

  2. I voted for the Consitution Party in 1996 and would have again in 2004 if Kerry hadn’t been so awful. I’ve also voted Libertarian or Constitution for COngress every year since 1994.

    How I vote in 2008 will be determined by who the candidates are.

  3. Elbert says:

    I also voted Constitution or Libertarian for Congress since 1994 when I figured out the only thing I really had to pick from was a Dem and a RINO.