New WBOC News Anchor

I just watched the 11pm news on WBOC and saw their new anchor. Seemed to do a good job. WBOC’s got his bio up on the site. The guy’s got a nice resume. Curiousity had me, so I Googled him and found a blog and a MySpace page. Sorry to see that his viewpoint is liberal. Hopefully his viewpoints won’t color his news reporting like so many of the people he has listed as his heros on the MySpace page.

It does make me wonder how many libs they’ve got there at WBOC. I haven’t noticed a regular liberal slant. At times it seems that their national news reporting is just the same old crap that CBS spews out. It would be nice sometimes to just watch the news and not feel like you’re being maniplulated by someone. I guess that’s why I watch Fox.