Discovery Project Annexation

Posted: 01/09/2007 by that's Elbert in Delaware, Laurel, News & Politics, Rants/Opinions

Monday night (January 8th) the Laurel Town Council voted unanimously tonight to annex The Car Store property and the Discovery Project. I gave Terry Wright and John Shwed two thumbs up as my public comment. The Snooze Journal has an article about it here. WBOC has a report here.

My comment posted on the forum at the Snooze Journal went like this:

Look, I’m a town resident, and I support the annexation and development. Our area is growing and we are going to have to deal with it whether it’s Discovery or something else. If Discovery is part of the town, at least we can deal with it’s issues locally instead of having to get Georgetown to do something about it. I also would like to have more money in the town to get things cleaned up and improve the area.


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