Town of Laurel and The Discovery Project

Posted: 12/31/2006 by that's Elbert in Delaware, Laurel, News & Politics, Rants/Opinions

The group opposing the annexation of the Discovery Project into the Town of Laurel, Delaware now has a website, S.C.O.L.D.M.. I’m not sure if they will oppose this if it is not annexed into the town, but they sure don’t want it in the town.

I’m a resident homeowner in the town, and I support the annexation. I think the town will benefit from the tax base and hopefully from the jobs. There’s also fact overlooked: growth is coming, like it or not, whether it is in the town or not. By having this project as part of the town, at least we can have some say over what happens there, whereas if it were part of the county, our influence will be limited. On the complaint about needing a new school(s), you only need to look at the trailors behind North Laurel Elementary to see a new school is probably on the horizon, Discovery Project or not. Will more schools be needed after the project is complete? More than likely, but we’ll have a tax base that might be able to make the pain of adding schools lighter.

Honestly, the quiet life of Sussex is already gone. I was born and raised in the eastern part of the county. I can see that all that coastal Sussex has become is slowly creeping across Route 113 with it’s eyes on the west. Even property west of Laurel is being gobbled up for more homes, bringing more cars, kids, and adults to semi-quiet Laurel. I’d like our town to at least have some more say over the growth around us, the growth that will come and will affect us, like it or not.


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