Strange Things About Barf Bags

Posted: 09/19/2004 by that's Elbert in Fun, Just For Fun

(I sent this out as a email to a number of my friends. Then it occured to me that I should post it here. Duh. Enjoy.)

Yes, this is strange. Let me share my strangeness, or others’ strangeness with you.

Follow me on this. Melody and I were watching a comedian on Sky Angel who was showing some of his “barf bags” (one had a window on the side – I guess that you’d like everyone to examine what you had for dinner). He said that he didn’t collect them, though. Well, that got me thinking, wondering if there were collectors out there. So, I googled it and got a lot of results. Look for yourself:

What really got me laughing were the text ads at the side of the search results. One text ad for eBay said “Low Priced Barf Bag Huge Selection!” I realize that this is just a generic ad with the term inserted, but it got a laugh from me, and it most certainly sent me to eBay to look for the “huge selection!” Look for yourself:

At the time I viewed the results, one of the bags was listed as “VERY RARE!!!” Another was listed as “vintage.”

Hope this gets your week off with a good laugh!


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