Delaware Primaries

Posted: 09/10/2004 by that's Elbert in Delaware, election, opinions, Politics, Rants/Opinions

Once again, it’s the election season. Right now, it’s the night before the Delaware state primary, which normally is a yawn, not too much happening. Four years ago, the Republicans had two candidates running for governor, one of them being blessed by the party at their summer convention. The chosen candidate had to fight to win the primary, which surprised me and apparently others in the state. He ended up losing in the election, possibly still dazed from the primary fight two months prior. This highlights a problem that must be addressed aggressively by Republicans for the future. The state’s primary must be moved to the spring.

First of all, what’s the point of having a primary if the party’s leaders have already anointed their candidate in the summer? Who cares what those of us outside the inner workings of the party think anyway? This primary is merely a formality, something to say we’ve let us regular guys have our say. Well, the regular guys have had their say in the past, and we ended up messing up what went on in the summer. I remember 1992, when the party had picked one candidate for Lt. Governor in the summer, and then the people picked somebody else in the fall. This just doesn’t need to happen. Let us have our say in April or May.

What’s wrong with knowing who wants the seat before the summer arrives? Hey, the candidates can actually start running for the seat in May or June without having to worry about a primary fight in September.

Yeah, sure, this might mess up things in the Legislature during its session for a few days every two years, but at least the candidates are set in stone (for the most part) early on.

Let’s change this primary structure, and get rid of the chance for a fall surprise.

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