Mike Bickle – “The Purpose of This Renewal”

Posted: 02/17/2004 by that's Elbert in Christianity, church

This caught my eye. Read and think about it. It’s from the Spread The Fire Magazine, 2003 issue 5, in an article by Mike Bickle entitled “The Purpose of This Renewal.”

In Luke 18:8, Jesus declared that the great need for the earth was the
manifestation of divine justice, and that would only be released by night and day
prayer. He was the first “social reformer” to link the release of justice in
society with night and day prayer. Your city needs the release of divine justice.
God’s justice is not just the punishing of the rebellious. God’s justice is making
wrong things right. We often refer to it as revival. For example, when God
releases justice in the area of sickness, it is called healing. When justice triumphs
over unbelief, it results in a harvest of new believers. When justice comes to an
area of sin, then holiness is the result.


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