Delaware Doesn’t Need A “National Park”

This subject of Delaware’s lack of a national park has come up numerous times. I did comment on it on this blog two years ago, and said this:

One time the Cypress Swamp in Gumboro was suggested. Other times it’s been some of the beaches currently under the state’s control. Quite honestly I don’t see the point. Forty-nine other states have national parks, so what if Delaware doesn’t have one? One can only imagine the pain and suffering the federal government would impose on property owners bordering the national park, like how much fertilizer they could put on their lawn or what type of septic system they could have. The possibilities could be endless. With regard to this matter, Delaware doesn’t need to be a “me too!” state.

I really don’t know if much more needs to be said. This time through it seems that Delaware’s congressional delegation is hell-bent on making it happen. Senator Carper, Senator Coons, and Rep. Carney have afflicted us with The First State National Historical Park Act of 2011. Gee, I wish they had that much passion for other things that increased our economy, our personal freedoms, and jobs. Of course, the pitch for the national park is to bring in tourism dollars, based on this quote from Sen. Tom Carper from the press release:

“I cannot wait for the day when families all across this country and the world will plan their vacations around the Delaware National Park…”

I don’t know about you but if they aren’t planning them now, what thing about making these properties part of a “national park” will magically make people want to come here now? Does this First State National Historical Park Act come with Jedi mind tricks too?

It would seem that in a time when our federal government needs to be more careful about how it spends it’s money we wouldn’t be dumping it into projects that are already being well taken care of by our own state or local organizations.

Press release from Rep. John Carney’s office.

University of Delaware Student Launches Free Job Search Website

from a press release: was recently opened to the public for registration from both employers and job seekers. The site is free to everyone, a fact which major competitors such as do not share. “At it is my hope to take away any barriers for someone either searching for a job or someone looking to post a job opening. It is my belief that every citizen has the right to employment and no company should be profiting in any way from someone seeking to exercise this right, ”states founder Matthew McGeehan.

The company’s main focus for the time being will be attracting both employers and job seekers alike in the state of Delaware with hopes of forming and maintaining a useful service for the community.

The Pre-Morning After

Twenty-four hours from now we should all know the winners in these hard-fought races for US Senate & US Congress for the GOP. I have had this thought rattling around in my head for months now, and this has been posed in so many words on already. The GOP leadership has supported the candidates endorsed at the convention, but they went too far by attacking the other candidates in the race. What will happen with the Delaware GOP leadership if the party-endorsed candidates fail to get a victory in the primary election today? What if they find themselves with the candidate they attacked as the GOP-endorsed candidate for the general election?

Cell Phone Bill Is A “Feel Good” Bill, Restricts Freedom

Markell signs the cell phone driving bills into law. on Twitpic

Yesterday morning, Governor Markell held a big ceremony at AAA Mid-Atlantic’s corporate headquarters in Wilmington, showing off his signing of the freedom-restricting bill, banning cell phone use while driving.

Quoting from the Delaware House of Representatives House Majority Caucus press release:

Sponsored by Rep. Darryl M. Scott, House Substitute 1 for House Bill 229 goes into effect 180 days from signature – January 2, 2011. The comprehensive statewide restriction requires drivers to use a hands-free device to talk while driving and also prohibits text messaging, sending or reading e-mails or browsing websites while the vehicle is in motion. Delaware also becomes the 30th state to prohibit texting while driving with the signing of this law.

We already have laws that deal with distractions while driving. These laws are redundant.

Another quote from the press release:

“Some people objected to it saying: ‘Well, people do lots things in the car that are distracting. They listen to the radio; they talk to passengers; they eat,’ ” said Sen. [Karen] Peterson, D-Stanton, the bill’s chief Senate sponsor. “But I’ve never almost been run over by someone eating a Big Mac, but I have been almost hit a dozen times in the past year by someone talking on a cell phone.”

More than likely we can fill our comments with stories of folks nearly “run over” by drivers trying to dress, put on makeup, comb their hair, etc. and probably even while putting away that Monster Thickburger.

This law punishes those of us who use extra care while driving and using our phones. Maybe simply enforcing existing laws and an aggressive public service campaign would encourage proper use of the cell phone in the car.

Another quote:

“Texting and using a hand-held cell phone while driving are a threat to public safety, and the 2010 AAA Mid-Atlantic poll found that 95 percent of Delaware drivers agree,” said Ronald W. Kosh, AAA Mid-Atlantic Vice President of Public and Government Affairs AAA Mid-Atlantic.

Did their members think that a law targeting the ban of cell phone use was the proper way of dealing with the situation?

Maybe a campaign something of this nature would have dealt with the problem:

It’s a feel-good bill that it’s sponsors can use to campaign on in the fall. It’s a bill that restricts freedom.

Delaware Politics – Is It Me Or Is It Backwards?

(guest post from The Conservative Geek)

Yes, I realize that there are many that would say that all politics is backwards.  Feel free to make your own jokes.  And yes, there are many things in the political that I could complain about but I am focusing on two items today.

Is it just me or does it seem to defy logic that the the state’s annual fiscal budget will not be finalized until late June?  This is the budget that sets the spending for July to next June.  I’m sure that to many, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I know many people are anxiously watching the budget proposals this year because their jobs are on the line.  Some may not know if they have a job on July 1 until we reach July 1.  Now, we can make arguments all day long about bloated government and underworked employees.  In some cases (but not all), those arguments hold true, however, the employees whose funding may be cut deserves plenty of time to make other arrangements.

Maybe there are valid reasons that we cannot get the budget done in May, but I don’t know what they are.  Could someone help enlighten me?  I believe that corporate franchise taxes are due March 1.  Why can’t we move income taxes deadlines to April 15, the same day as federal?  Wouldn’t that give us a good idea how much we have to work with by the start of May?  Can’t we hammer out a workable budget in a month?

This leads me to my next complaint of the evening.  Why do we hold Delaware primaries in September?  The excuse I have always heard is that state legislatures need to devote time to state business (mainly the budget) until June 30 and then need time to campaign.  So we Republicans are left with as many as 3 senate candidates and 4 congressional candidates until September or the candidates’ money runs out.  If the budget were done in May, wouldn’t that make room for an August or (gasp!) June/July primary.  We beat each other up until there are 2 months before the general election and wonder why voters are disenchanted with the candidates.

Now, if we enacted term limits for state elected officials,  as Elbert so eloquently proposed  here, maybe they wouldn’t need to spend as much time campaigning for their own party’s endorsement.

Sorry for rambling, I just things should work better.  Maybe we should get James Dyson to run the state for a term or two.

Oliver North at Kent County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner

The Kent County Republican Party held their annual Lincoln Day Dinner on Friday. The keynote speaker was Lt. Col. Oliver North. Col. North gave a stirring speech, reminding the listener of our country’s foundation and issued a call to its preservation for the future. Some selections from his speech are posted below.

At Fox News… my job is to keep company with heroes… my heroes wear flak jackets and combat boots and flight suits and they put themselves at risk every single day.

No one should ever say “my war was tougher than yours” for all war is terrible.

I see the future of my children and grandchildren being squandered by those people like Arlen Spector, who are in a headlong rush into socialism that was never intended for this country. [Those children] are threatened by a mountain of debt, unrestrained spending, and ever higher taxes, by promises that government can solve every human problem without respecting the sanctity of human life, by government that offers protections of our constitution to our enemies but would take and strip those same constitutional protections from its own citizens, by a government that perpetrates a frontal assault on free enterprise, on private property, and liberties that are enshrined in our Bill of Rights, by a government that disregards our sovereign national borders and our national interests and subordinates the wealth of this nation to a globalist agenda that would restrict the use of our own God-given resources.

Our government is broken and we the people need to take it back.

The Constitution grants limited authority to government to promote and secure the blessings of liberty. A system of checks and balances were established by the framers to prevent government from running amuck. Those who framed our Constitution were counting on we the people to hold our government accountable.

Members of our Republican party often attribute to Mr. Lincoln some very powerful words about how we should be governed. Some of you may have seen them as “The Great Cannots”. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift, cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong, help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer, further the brotherhood of man by encouraging hatred, help the poor by destroying the rich, keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn, build character and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence, nor can you help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves. That would certainly make a great platform for a great party. Unfortunately it wasn’t Abraham Lincoln who wrote those words. They were actually written and penned in 1916 by the Rev. William Boetcker to discourage Congress from enacting laws to implement the 16th Amendment that passed three years before and been ratified in our Constitution. Some of you may remember that. If you don’t now you will on April 15th.

Lincoln did write, however, these very relevant words during his re-election campaign in 1864, and I quote, “Prosperity is the fruit of labor, property is desirable, a positive good in the world is that some should be rich so that others may become rich, and hence, it is an encouragement to industry and enterprise. Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another, but let him labor diligently and build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built.

Lincoln wrote those words and delivered them in the midst of a war. We are now in the midst of a war. He was issuing the call to personal responsibility. That’s what we are about in the Republican Party.

The Republican Party needs to be a place for people who accept our God-given gifts and freedoms, and the responsibilities that accompany them. The Republican Party needs to be the place where people go who understand that this is a land blessed with bounty beyond measure, with resources so vast you can barely quantify them, and that we are the most diverse and productive and prosperous and generous people on the planet because God made it for that and that we have a responsibility to keep that ongoing.

We are going to be better off when government stops trying to spend its way out of debt.

We don’t want to seize what is theirs, to spread the wealth, What we want to do is provide opportunity for all to become wealthy when they use their God-given gifts and work ethic.

We don’t want to become more like Europe. We want to preserve the freedoms that made America what it is, and we need offer no apologies or kowtow to anyone when we say so.

(A recording of the speech is at this link. This recording was drawn from a micro-cassette so the sound is pretty rough.)